Your Guide to Holiday Gift Giving In a New Relationship

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With the holiday season underway, several new couples are feeling an excitement that they’ve missed in past years. Well, as your experts in New Hampshire relationship coaching, we’d like to first say, congratulations! We know how hard the holidays can be when you’re alone. However, the team at Together NH always wants to remind you to keep the enthusiasm at a mere roar.

Sometimes the excitement of a new relationship, especially during a time of cheer, can be devasting if not handled appropriately. We’ve created this article to bring you a few helpful tips for keeping spirits high during the holidays without scaring off your partner!


Keep your gifts appropriate

Believe it or not, this is the area where most new couples fail. Gifts are an excellent way to show your other half gratitude and thoughtfulness, but they can also work against you. Our recommendation, have a conversation with your partner and set expectations. For example, below are a few ideas to avoid gift-giving awkwardness:

  • Set a budget. The last thing you’ll want is to present your partner with a cute $20 gift when they spend hundreds at the jewelry store down the road.
  • Keep it real. If your relationship is at the beginning stages, keep gifts simple. Little thoughtful items speak louder than expensive gifts. Show them you care by putting forth effort and thought, not the credit card.


Consider the alternatives

Another wonderful option for the holiday gift exchange is to agree not to exchange gifts. Yes, you read that right. Quality time can be more meaningful than anything you can purchase at the store. Here are a few alternatives to consider this year:

  • Have you ever heard the saying, “The best things in life aren’t things?” Well, we stand behind this!
  • Plan an outing. Instead of a gift exchange, plan a trip. Grab tickets to a holiday show or musical, visit that restaurant you’ve both been talking about, plan a day outdoors snowshoeing or skiing, or take a scenic day trip to the mountains or ocean. The options are endless, and memories are priceless!
  • Plan a night in. Sometimes a well-planned and executed night in is just what we need! With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then add in the holidays, cozying up to take-out and a movie may be just what you need. Or, perhaps, you love to cook. Couples cooking is a great way to bond and enjoy some quiet time with one another.
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For more ideas to survive the holidays this year, contact the team at Together NH for relationship coaching in New Hampshire. We’ve helped thousands of couples take the first steps to a new, happy life together! Contact us today for more information (603) 624-4552.